With an aim to develop sustainable urban environments and communities, the School of Planning, Real Estate and Infrastructure (SPREI) was established in 2022 with world-class resources, interdisciplinary opportunities, and a pedagogical approach that believes in holistic and hands-on education geared at delivering cutting-edge knowledge in built environment in tune with the vision, mission and values of the School. This school benefits from a collaborative cross-disciplinary environment among faculty and students of the NICMAR University Pune.

This School houses a specialized – MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure Management (MBA REUIM) that aims at developing a professional techno-managerial leader with the potential to manage projects and functions in real estate and urban infrastructure companies in India and globally, with following distinct competencies:

  • Knowledge of investment, development, real estate regulation and management. 
  • Proficiency in technical skills including valuation, project management, applied economics, urban planning, and asset management. 
  • Understanding of investment and construction in real estate development and urban infrastructure projects. 
  • Skills and techniques of real estate project management and business management.


Through quality teaching-learning processes and research, School of Planning, Real Estate and Infrastructure aims at developing highly qualified and committed new-generation professionals equipped with comprehensive domain knowledge along with the necessary techno-managerial and research skills. The graduates of the School would serve as leaders in creating and managing sustainable built environments in India and globally through excellence in skills, knowledge, behavior and capabilities.


  1. To impart innovative and community focused-education to train new-generation professionals competent in immensely complex and challenging built environments in the present context.
  2. To serve communities and improve quality of life through creative and pioneering practical solutions and research in the built environment.
  3. To be a Center of Excellence in Urban Planning, Real Estate and Infrastructure guided by the principles of sustainability and resilience.
  4. To inculcate professional ethics, values and entrepreneurial attitude addressing needs of industry and society.


Our work is driven by our values – sustainability, resilience, critical inquiry and innovation, collaboration, leadership, and impact – which are central to the philosophy that guides our teaching-learning processes and research: 

We strive to respect the context of our environmental, social and economic sustainability.

We promote a resilient and adaptive built environment that is anchored  in long-term suatainability.

We engage critical enquiry and strive for innovations to facilitate meaningful transformation in the built environment.

We collaborate across disciplines and communities to ensure people-centered approaches in shaping the built environment.

We nurture committed leaders who uphold our values and lead by example as a built-environment professional.

We are committed to address critical challenges observed in the local, national and global contexts in tune with the national vision.

Programmes Offered

Two year Full Time PG Programme

Two year Full Time PG Programme

One year Full Time PG Programme

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