About PGD in MFOCB

Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Family Owned Construction Business (PGD in MFOCB)

Programme Duration: One Year Full Time

Business environment surrounding the construction sector is becoming increasingly dynamic and complex. Political, economic, legislative, and international components of the business environment continue to change. These changes offer opportunities as well as threats to large firms managed by professionals as well as family owned construction firms. The impact on family owned construction business firms is in fact more pronounced. Families owning construction business firms would look forward to enhance the managerial as well as leadership abilities of their family members so as to scan the business environment, forecast changes and make necessary suggestions for preparedness, innovate, expand markets and diversify into new related business. NICMAR Business School (NBS) introduced a programme in management of family owned construction business that would provide focused inputs in these aspects of construction business. We consider family owned businesses as those businesses which are owned by the joint families or nuclear families, public listed companies in which family has a controlling stake or even partnership firms.

The programme content is a fine blend of management concepts, construction management practices and project management courses. These courses are carefully scheduled and spread over two semesters. Thus, the programme is well directed to fully meet the needs of families in construction business. Sessions are conducted by NICMAR University’s full-time faculty as well as visiting faculty of repute. All the students who successfully complete the programme are expected to join their family businesses and hence no placement assistance will be provided by NICMAR University.


Semester – I
Sr. No. Course Name
1 Principles and Practices of Family Business Management
2 Innovations and Entrepreneurship
3 Accounting and Finance
4 Economics for Construction Business
5 Quantitative Techniques for Construction Business
6 Organisational Behaviour and HR
7 Construction Materials, Methods and Techniques
8 Estimation and Quantity Surveying
9 Tendering and Bidding
10 Project Management Systems and Techniques
11 Soft Skills for Entrepreneurship
12 Advanced Excel and Visualization using Power BI and Tableau
Semester – II
Sr. No. Course Name
1 Leadership
2 Project Formulation and Appraisal
3 Introduction to Management of Public Private Partnerships
4 Real Estate Development Practice and Site Management
5 Strategic Management
6 Contracts and Claims Management
7 Legal Aspects and Industrial Relations
8 Safety and Environment Management
9 Construction Quality and Risk Management
10 Building Information Modelling and Management Systems
11 Valuation of Properties and Land and Property Management
12 Project Marketing and Business Development