Full Time Residential Programmes

PGP CSCDM: Post Graduate Programme in Contemporary Smart City Development and Management

Full time, residential Programme for degree holders offered from Pune campus.


This contemporary programme contains four primary areas of knowledge pertaining to Smart Cities Planning and Development viz. Planning- Competitiveness - Governance and Management. These are woven into practice driven curricula covering functional domains and synthesising key subjects from urban planning, infrastructure, property development, Finance, Legal aspects, sociology and governance, strategy, contracts, general management, and ICT /IOT.

PGP CSCDM aims to provide the most contemporary understanding of how smart cities can be conceptualised (greenfield development), modified (brownfield retrofits), and improved in terms of provision of infrastructure capacity and distribution of services. In doing so it aims to achieve the following objectives


  • Enable students to develop competence in planning of projects at the city level to ensure sustainability of environment and humans
  • Apply smart technologies across the spectrum of infrastructure and governance
  • Develop overall city strategy to become contemporary and competitive
  • Enable students to understand capital formation and finance, risk and feasibility to ensure the economic health of the city



Employment Opportunities: The students will have in depth understanding of government schemes such as Smart Cities Development, AMRUT, HRIDAY, Digital India, and so on, which are part of improving the economic, environmental and social sustainability of Indian cities. Organisations like developers, contractors, consultants, transportation companies, water and sanitation solutions service providers, IT/ITES, Software solution companies, product manufacturers of smart technologies, automobile companies, funding and financing companies, government smart city cells, building material companies and many others will benefit from the skills that the PGP CSCDM students will be equipped with.





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