One Year Full Time Programmes

PGP QSCM : Post Graduate Programme in Quantity Surveying and Contract Management

One-year, full time, residential Programme for degree holders, offered from Hyderabad(Shamirpet).


The role of "Quantity Surveyor" as a specialist has a lot of importance but is still under-rated in the construction industry. This is mainly due to lack of training facilities dealing with quantity surveying as a specialized discipline. Quantity surveying as a professional function in construction and civil works is now receiving its due recognition in India. In this context, NICMAR is taking the lead in designing the interdisciplinary programme that builds upon various subjects as mentioned above.

The objective of the programme is to develop mature site engineers and quantity surveyors with Construction Companies, Consultants and Government Departments.

Post Graduates of this programme will have competency in:

  • Measurement & Estimation of Quantities, Preparation of Bill of Quantities and Submission of Tenders
  • Building Economics
  • Post Contract Functions, Monthly Valuations and Project Variance Reports
  • Identification of Claims & Extra Works at sites
  • Proficiency in Information Technology, Finance & People Management Skills
  • Facility to apply the knowledge & skills to the effective delivery of the projects / functions assigned to him
  • Competency to handle a project in the specialized construction sector.
  • Administration of Contracts, Conciliation Arbitration and Dispute Resolution.


Dr. P. Ammani Head-QSCM, Hyderabad



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