Full Time Residential Programmes

PGP REUIM : Post Graduate Programme in Real Estate And Urban Infrastructure Management

Full time, residential programme for degree holders, offered from Pune.

This multi-disciplinary programme of studies builds upon the concepts and methodologies of management, engineering, architecture, law, information technology, social and behavioral sciences and combines theory with practical experience and research work. This programme has been designed to suit the needs of students from India.


The REUIM programme provides curriculum inputs that broadly fall under the following streams:


i. Investment and Markets (I & M)
ii. Construction and Development (C & D)


The objective of the PGP REUIM is to develop a professional techno-managerial leader with the potential to manage projects and functions in real estate and urban infrastructure companies in India and globally, with following distinct competencies:

  • Knowledge of investment, development , real estate regulation and management.
  • Proficiency in technical skills including valuation, project management, applied economics, urban planning, and asset management.
  • Understanding of investment and construction in real estate development and urban infrastructure projects.
  • Skills and techniques of real estate project management and business management.



Dr. Tushar Jadhav Head-REUIM, Pune


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