Full Time Programmes

PGP CLSCM : Post Graduate Programme in Construction Logistics and Supply Chain Management

One-year, full time, residential Programme for degree holders offered from Hyderabad(Shamirpet)

Construction industry plays a pivotal role in the all-around economic development. The industry is witnessing changes at a tremendous pace and is increasingly faced with many emerging challenges such as the need to deliver projects speedily, at substantially lesser budgets, and to build projects which are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

The construction industry is known to be highly fragmented, comprising of various stakeholders, including architects, suppliers, contractors, and indirect suppliers. Following the examples of both retail and manufacturing industries, construction industry has started to rely on logistics and supply chain management in order to improve its efficiency and competitiveness.

The construction logistics and supply chain plays an increasingly key role in the entire construction process. The decisions concerning the supply chain management can crucially affect the success or failure of a project. Supply chain management (SCM) in the industry can play a critical role in improving coordination and collaboration among stakeholders while ensuring quality and profitability of a construction project and result in enhanced value to the customer.

Digital technologies can provide data related to materials, equipment, and construction milestones while coordinating the schedules of the various parties. It can also assist in collating inventory details across all parties and enable real-time decision-making based on the data. These endeavor aims to develop a holistic approach to transform the management of construction supply chains.


The objective of the programme is to impart knowledge and train young graduates from multi-disciplinary fields and develop them into competent professionals who can potentially manage the logistics and supply chain operations of large complex infrastructure projects. The programme intends to develop the competency to oversee and manage every stage of the construction project from sourcing the raw materials to its final delivery. The course intends to meet these objectives by

  • Sensitizing the students on the increasing significance of logistics and its impact on both costs and delivery in construction projects
  • Enabling students to learn the critical elements of construction logistics and supply-chain management processes
  • Developing awareness on the standards to achieve improved business performance by integrating and optimizing the total construction logistics and supply-chain processes.
  • Imparting knowledge and training students on the latest IT enabled processes, E-procurement systems that are driving the change in construction logistics and supply chain.
  • Introducing the students on the multi-faceted types of supply chain contracts and expose students to processes involved in developing and negotiating risk-factored supply chain contracts
  • Introducing the students various optimization methodologies viz., lean in optimizing the procurement, minimizing inventories in projects and concepts of circular supply chain management

The CLSCM programme is a one year programme, spread over three terms. The programme combines the theory with workshops that are carefully designed to ensure the balance between concepts and practical training.

The first term introduces the concepts required for logistics, construction supply chain management, role and importance of construction supply chain in the industry, construction economics, procurement strategies and supply chain contracts along with workshops to enhance the IT and managerial skills.

The second term builds on the fundamentals with topics on designing supply chains, inventory management, technologies of logistics and supply chain, managing and controlling cost, legal aspects relating to supply chain management along with advanced computer / IT workshop.

The third term imparts and trains on advanced topics of strategically managing supply chains, managing international logistics, application of concepts of sustainability in construction supply chain, managing warehousing and freight operations, and risk management.

Additionally every student will be required to carry project work on a practical problem relevant to construction supply chain so as to bridge gap between theory and practice.