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    Pune Faculty List in alphabetical order on surname
    SR. NO.
  1. Prof. Abhang Janhavi D. Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  2. Dr. Abhyankar Abhijat Sr. Associate Professor Controller of Examination (COE)
  3. Dr. Agarwal Anil Sr. Professor Dean-Post Graduate Programme(PGP) Dean-Distance Programme
  4. Dr. Ambekar Sudhir Associate Professor Head, Research & Publications
  5. Dr. Bagul Avinash Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  6. Prof. Bajpai Avirag Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  7. Dr. Balon Virendra Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  8. Dr. Batra Sachin Associate Professor
  9. Prof. Bendigiri Priyanka Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  10. Dr. Bhavsar Vandana Sr. Associate Professor
  11. Dr. Bhoyar Sanjay Associate Professor Head-ACM(Senior Batch), Pune
  12. Dr. Biswas Arjita Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  13. Dr. Deepak M.D. Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  14. Dr. Desai Devang Sr. Associate Professor
  15. Dr. Desai Vijaya Professor Head-IT, Pune
  16. Dr. Deshpande Pramod Sr. Associate Professor
  17. Dr. Deshpande Rahul Sr. Associate Professor Dy Dean-SOPRIM, Pune
  18. Prof. Dixit Avadhoot Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  19. Dr. Edison J.C. Professor Dean-School of General Management(SOGM)
  20. Dr. Gandage Abhijeet Associate Professor
  21. Dr. Ganguli Tapash Kumar Sr. Professor Dean-Executive Development Programme
  22. Prof. Ghosh Poulomee Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  23. Dr. Goel Amit Professor
  24. Dr. Goel Ashish Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  25. Dr. Gokhale Chandrakant Professor Dean-School of Construction Management(SOCM)
  26. Dr. Goyal Rajesh Professor
  27. Prof. Halder Aritra Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  28. Dr. Hiray Amit Associate Professor Head-Student Activities, Pune
  29. Dr. Jadhav Tushar Associate Professor Head-REUIM, Pune
  30. Dr. Jagtap Milind Sr. Associate Professor Head-EPM, Pune
  31. Prof. Jain Sameer Associate Professor
  32. Dr. Joshi Medha Professor
  33. Prof. Kadam Bageshree Assistant Professor (Grade II)
  34. Dr. Koner Jonardan Sr. Professor Dean-Admissions, NICMAR Dean-Research & Publications, NICMAR
  35. Dr. Kore Sudarshan Assistant Professor (Grade II)
  36. Dr. Lele Vishwanath Sr. Professor Dean-Placements & Industry Relations, Pune
  37. Dr. Mohita Maggon Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  38. Dr. Mahajan Darshan Associate Professor Head-IFDM, Pune
  39. Dr. Malsane Sagar Associate Professor
  40. Dr. Mathur Arpita Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  41. Prof. Murali Jagannathan Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  42. Dr. Patil Nilesh Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  43. Dr. Patil Smita Associate Professor
  44. Dr. Patil Yuvraj Associate Professor
  45. Dr. Pawar Amol Sr. Associate Professor Head-ACM(Junior Batch), Pune
  46. Dr. Phadtare Milind Sr. Professor
  47. Dr. Pilaka Nagarjuna Associate Professor
  48. Prof. Prahlada R. Assistant Professor (Grade II)
  49. Dr. Prakash Anand Sr. Associate Professor
  50. Dr. Prasad Vikas Associate Professor
  51. Dr. Purandare Avinash Sr. Associate Professor Head-MFOCB, Pune
  52. Dr. Rai Soumi Sr. Associate Professor
  53. Dr. Rajhans Kirti Sr. Associate Professor
  54. Dr. Rajhans Rajni Kant Associate Professor
  55. Prof. Rajput Babalu Associate Professor
  56. Prof. Ramachandra Ajaya Assistant Professor (Grade II)
  57. Prof. Ramakrishna N. Associate Professor
  58. Dr. Ramalingam Shobha Associate Professor Head-CSCDM, Pune
  59. Dr. Rastogi Ashish Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  60. Prof. Reddy Harish Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  61. Dr. Roy Debopam Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  62. Dr. Roy Dipayan Associate Professor
  63. Prof. Saikhedkar Utpal Associate Professor
  64. Dr. Samanta Pradeepta Kumar Sr. Associate Professor
  65. Prof. Sangapurkar Abhijeet Associate Professor
  66. Dr. Shashank B. S. Assistant Professor (Grade II)
  67. Prof. Shrivas Abhishek Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  68. Prof. Shrivas Amit Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  69. Dr. Shrivastava Ravindra Associate Professor
  70. Dr. Singla Harish Sr. Associate Professor
  71. Prof. Soneji Jeetu Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  72. Dr. Srividhya Sridharan Assistant Professor (Grade I) Head-Alumni Activities
  73. Dr. Sudarsan J. S. Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  74. Dr. Sundrani Deepak Sr. Associate Professor
  75. Dr. Tenepalli Jai Sai Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  76. Dr. Tikate Hindavi Assistant Professor (Grade II)
  77. Prof. Totla Pavan Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  78. Prof. Vaishampayan Shruti Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  79. Dr. Vigneswara Rao K. T. Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  80. Dr. Yadav Smitha Sr. Associate Professor
Hyderabad (Shamirpet)
    Hyderabad (Shamirpet) Faculty List in alphabetical order on surname
    SR. NO.
  1. Prof. Agrawal Vinay Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  2. Dr Ammani P. Sr. Associate Professor Head-QSCM & HSEM, Hyderabad (Shamirpet)
  3. Prof. B. Ravinder Associate Professor Head-Services & Administrative, Hyderabad (Shamirpet)
  4. Dr. Balasubramani Mahesh Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  5. Dr. C Savitha Assistant Professor (Grade II)
  6. Dr. Chandramohan Arun Professor
  7. Prof. Chothe Onkar Assistant Professor (Grade III)
  8. Dr. D’souza Lyseth Associate Professor
  9. Dr. Gandi Apparao Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  10. Dr. Hedau Amit Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  11. Prof. Inturi Shyam Assistant Professor (Grade II)
  12. Dr. Jada Umamaheshwar Rao Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  13. Prof. Jindal Saurabh Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  14. Prof. Korgaonker Gopal G. Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  15. Prof. Malla Vijayeta Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  16. Prof. Mamillapalli Raja Sekhar Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  17. Dr. Mishra Sarbesh Professor Dy. Dean-Placements & Assigned Activities, Hyderabad(Shamirpet)
  18. Prof. Mukkamala Ram Babu Assistant Professor (Grade I) Head-IT & Admissions, Hyderabad (Shamirpet)
  19. Dr. Muralidhar P. Sr. Associate Professor Head-Examinations and Research & Publications, Hyderabad (Shamirpet)
  20. Dr. Pai Siddesh Associate Professor
  21. Dr. Phadke Kedar Associate Professor
  22. Dr. Prabhudesai Vimlesh Sr. Associate Professor
  23. Prof. Prasad K. V. Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  24. Dr. Pusarla Hanumantha Rao Sr. Associate Professor Head-MDPs & Distance Programmes, Hyderabad (Shamirpet)
  25. Dr. R. Sathish Kumar Professor Head-ACM, Hyderabad (Shamirpet)
  26. Prof. Ravindranadh Chowdary Kamma Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  27. Dr. S.V.S.Raja Prasad Sr. Associate Professor Head EPM & Thesis Coordinator
  28. Dr. Seshadri Sekhar Tirumala Professor Dean, Hyderabad (Shamirpet) Campus
  29. Dr. Singh Indrasen Sr. Professor
  30. Dr. Sinha Ajay Kumar Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  31. Prof. Sreram Prashanth Kumar Assistant Professor (Grade I)
  32. Dr. V. Pramadha Srinivas Sr. Associate Professor
  33. Dr. V. Sri Hari Professor
  34. Dr. Venkatesan Renganaidu Professor
  35. Prof. Vishnu Namboodiri V. Assistant Professor (Grade II)
  36. Dr. Yadav Vikrant Associate Professor
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